Ann Shatilla’s love of the news, graphic design, composition and attention to detail began with photography and film studies at college in her native Montreal, Canada, then once she entered journalism/communications and film/photography studies at university to later becoming a university communications professor and an award winning accomplished career in the public eye...


Ann Shatilla’s creativity of composition and storytelling is seen with each piece. Using vibrant Corporate Approved photos, along with vintage art work photos that Ann obtains from archives, illustrations, vintage newspaper headlines and articles about the subject, Ann tells corporate or personal stories. Much of Ann’s own photography can be quietly found amongst the provided


A life-long love for the actual feel of a newspaper since her teens, to the silkiness of a sleek magazine pages that she read feverishly her entire life, to the aesthetic design of her love for outstanding photography and graphics - turned Ann’s interests into a journalistic passion for capturing stories decades ago and now that profession and a creativity to express, has allowed her to turn all this into art for the corporate world. 3D Corporate Art.