Ann Shatilla’s love of the news, graphic design, composition and attention to detail began with photography and film studies at college in her native Montreal, Canada, then once she entered journalism/communications and film/photography studies at university to later becoming a university communications professor and an award winning accomplished career in the public eye as a TV and radio news anchorwoman, producer, reporter, writer and host for multiple networks over the years.

Today, Ann produces news features and in depth reports for the worlds largest news agency covering the topic of Hollywood Lifestyles and Trends and luxury trends, where she has been for the last 10 years after anchoring the news at KCOP Channel 13 in Los Angeles and having worked for several TV news and radio networks in the US and Canada over an extensive and in depth career. Ann Shatilla is also the editor of HollywoodTrendReport.com and the Hollywood Trend Report lifestyle magazine TV show as well as being a media and PR training coach and consultant for the corporate world and PR firms and divisions, with LA Media Boot Camp intensive training and consulting.


Ann feels the expression found in 3D CORPORATE ART, the one-of-a-kind artworks, reflect the ‘cut and paste’ world we live in today where only headlines grab attention – in the fast paced wheel of quick media consumption – and what we call life today. Ann feels these works are an extension of how we read things, see things now, absorb things, with tiny bursts of information, colorful vibrant images flashing before us daily – continuing the need for fast exciting absorption to feel stimulated and connected.


Each piece is highly personalized for every receipt as Ann delves into their work to understand the product, brand, company or person. That those who receive the pieces are delightfully taken aback at how much this work went in ‘just’ for them as they examine each and every word, design and composition – realizing this creation is their story – and the fact that someone went through the trouble to have this made for them by an artist, is memorable.

Gifting an ‘Ann of Beverly Hills’ creation creates a a priceless reaction when a recipient realizes how much custom detail went into a one-of-a-kind gift that encompasses a business, life, brand, and cr

The reaction is always the same when a gift of this artwork is presented. “You did this for me. It’s so personalized. I have never seen anything like this.” These are truly, a one-of-a kind gifts, or a statement of accomplishment that is turned into elegant and modern collage/decoupage storytelling art.


Ann creates any topic a client requests. There is no brand she does not love! There no brand she does not want to exemplify on canvas. Ann’s creations are done in vibrant color, black and white, or sepia tone. All canvas is layered extensively, has 3D components and is finished with five coats of high gloss. The process is painstakingly intricate but the attention to detail as been a passion of this artist forever and now she brings websites and corporate messages to life.