Retro-vintage-style canvas creations for corporations, brands and brand messaging. Art on canvas done with corporate approved photos with a rhythmic precision displaying textured corporate, brand and personal stories to hang on the wall. Websites come to life and corporate marketing is brought to life. All done with rhythmic precision displaying textured corporate and personal stories. Richly embedded and intricately layered using provided-corporate photos, illustrations, logos, vintage newspaper articles, headlines, printed graphics, relevant images and 3D ephemera.


Emmy-Award winning TV and Radio anchor and reporter Ann Shatilla is the creator behind 3D CORPORATE ART. Her journalist pedigree allows her proficiency in researching a company in depth and executing the canvas creation as if putting together a high end world news report. She researches in depth to provide the best portrayal of a brand in a polished and progressive light.


Each piece is personalized for exactly that company or person. Gifts or brand messaging for your office space or for your clients, staff or suppliers, can be created after Ann conducts extensive reach to ensure the story is told exactly as the company would want.

This art is often used as gifts as a thank you like no other. Those who receive these works are taken aback at the level of research and depth into their firm and corporate look. They appreciate how much this work went in ‘just’ for them as they examine each word and design – realizing this creation is their story and the fact that someone went through the trouble to have this made – just for them is priceless.


Custom ordered artwork on canvas for:

  • Corporate Marketing Tools for Your Brand
  • Custom Brand Messaging Gifts for Others
  • Client & Corporate Appreciation gifts
  • Incentive gifts
  • Staff gifts
  • Employee Team Recognition
  • Sales Accomplishment Recognition
  • Business Supplier gifts
  • Thank you gifts
  • Co-Worker and Family gifts
  • Corporate Convention Booth Displays
  • Front Office Corporate Displays
  • Project Acknowledgements
  • Special Event Acknowledgements
  • Studio, Cast, Crew, Production Recognition
  • Bring Corporate Websites to Life
  • Bring Others Corporate Websites to Life
  • Branding Messages
  • Highlight Brand & Products
  • Press Coverage Artwork
  • Creative Fields to Display Their Works
  • Corporate Milestones Memorialized
  • Personal Milestones Memorialized
  • Commemorating Career & Life Milestones
  • Special Occasions
  • Holiday, Parties and Events
  • Company Launches
  • End of Campaign Events
  • Brand Anniversaries
  • Award Ceremonies

Ann of Beverly Hills creations are highly personalized, richly-layered art on canvas to hang on walls, for companies or persons wanting to display or give one-of-a-kind creations.