“Bringing Brands to Life in Art”


Ann Shatilla will conduct a phone call with you to find out your desires, needs and goals for the creation/creations.

Should you want to order one or several of these affordable incentive gifts, thank you gifts or displays for the office showing brand messaging and corporate accomplishments etc. Ann will find out all you envision and hope for.

She will then ask you look at the website gallery and point out artworks that especially appeal to you so she has an idea of what you have in mind. Of course no two pieces are ever the same but this gives her a guidelines for what you find visually appealing. She will ask you what you would like to have included, learning as much about the company as possible to be able to tell your story. She will then take it from there. As a veteran Emmy-award winning TV news anchor, host and reporter Ann tells stories for a living and brings that skill to your one-of-a-kind artwork.

Finally, she will then ask you what size you would like and ask you to provide, via email, your corporate approved photos.

With your approval, she will delve to find any other amazing things that might add to the work. She will print, colorize, crop and cut all photos and then add all the other 3D and graphic elements to richly layer the work, telling a journalistic detailed story of all that has been accomplished by the subject.

Canvas sizes to choose from:

  • 18 X 24
  • 20 X 24
  • 22 X 24
  • 22 X 28
  • 24 X 30
  • 24 X 36
  • 24 X 48
  • 30 X 40
  • 36 X 48

Artwork will be done in the order that they are placed but Ann will do all she can to accommodate your needs and delivery dates.