How It’s Made

Veteran journalist Ann Shatilla begins with intricate in depth research into each companies history and current branding messages to tell the story of the commissioned project. She scours for vintage headlines and images to mesh with provided-corporate elements and photos to tell the story to the T. She then creatively executes and richly designs to create electrifying, energetic spirited pieces.

Ann combines one-of-a-kind personalized retro-style artworks richly designed on canvas using corporate-provided logos, provided-photos, vintage newspaper articles, headlines, printed graphics of chosen theme, 3D miniature frames, all deeply layered and intricately placed in a rhythmic elegant chaos to tell a textured story.

Ann intricately searches to find vintage headlines, images and corporate elements to tell the story of the commissioned topic to the T, then creatively places them to bring about an electrifying, energetic and spirited reaction. As a TV and radio news anchor, producer and reporter her whole life – this is just another aspect of true expression for her. Much of Ann’s own photography of the subjects can be found in many of the pieces. Her passion for the written word and photography and film is evident in each detailed piece Whatever your topic, she will be passionate about it no matter what the topic as her love for researching brands and people is what she does regularly covering world news and Hollywood lifestyles and trends.