Welcome to Ann of Beverly Hills


Emmy award winning veteran TV and Radio journalist, news anchor, news producer, host and Hollywood trends expert Ann Shatilla is the artist behind Ann of Beverly Hills with customized made-to-order 3D Collage | Decoupage artwork on stretched canvas.

Exclusive, one-of-a-kind and personalized artwork for your corporate marketing, promotional tools for corporate and personal gifting. A feast for the eyes, as company websites and corporate stories are brought to life on canvas with one-of-a-kind hanging wall art.

Sizes range from 16″ x 20″ to 48″ x 36″.

These affordable creations are deeply personalized retro-style artworks richly designed on canvas using your corporate logos, provided-photos, vintage newspaper articles, headlines, printed graphics of chosen theme and 3D miniature frames – all deeply layered and intricately placed in a rhythmic elegant chaos to tell the textured story about the business or brands.


These creations are custom ordered and can be used for:

  • Corporate Marketing Tools for Your Brand
  • Custom Brand Messaging Gifts for Others
  • Employee Team Recognition gifts
  • Sales Accomplishment Recognition gifts
  • Incentive gifts
  • Client & Corporate Appreciation gifts
  • Staff gifts
  • Business Supplier gifts
  • Thank you gifts
  • Co-Worker and Family gifts
  • Corporate Convention Booth Displays
  • Corporate Event Displays
  • Front Office Corporate Displays
  • Project Acknowledgements
  • Special Event Acknowledgements
  • Studio, Cast, Crew, Production Recognition
  • Bring Corporate Websites to Life
  • Bring Others Corporate Websites to Life
  • Branding Messages
  • Highlight Brands & Products
  • Press Coverage Artwork
  • Creative Fields to Display Their Works
  • Corporate Milestones Memorialized
  • Personal Milestones Memorialized
  • Commemorating Career & Life Milestones
  • Special Occasions
  • Holiday, Parties and Memorable Events
  • Company Launches
  • End of Campaign Events
  • Brand Anniversaries
  • Award Ceremonies

Ann of Beverly Hills creations are highly personalized, richly-layered art on canvas to hang on walls, for companies or persons wanting to display or give one-of-a-kind creations.